Excimer Lamp, UV조사장치

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Excimer Lamp, UV조사장치

Excimer Lamp, UV조사장치

Excimer Lamp, UV조사장치

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Flat type Features

By our proprietary technology, it is a lamp capable of high intensity
and high uniform irradiation.
Tact and yield improvement can be expected.
• High intensity Because it is a special lamp that emits the entire surface, the irradiation light quantity is also high, it can irradiate with high intensity
• High uniformity It can uniformly irradiate uniformly with +5 to 10% or less.
• Intensity stability Although the intensity of conventional lamps decreases with temperature rise, you can monitor stable intensity by monitoring intensity value.
• Lamp replacement Replace the lamp as a single lamp or as a lamp replacement unit, so you can exchange it relatively easily.

Tube type Features

It is a standard type of excimer lamp. • Combine the number and length of lamps by purpse.

Ecximer lamp Lineup

Flat type
Semiconductor QEF-300SPC QEF-230SPC QEF-160 QEF-100 QEF-35ST QEF35ST-V126
wavelength 172nm 126nm
Utility N2/Cooling water/AC100 ~ 240V
Uniformity ±5% ±7%
Aperture Ф332mm 218x218mm 167x167mm Ф100mm Ф35mm Ф35mm
Corresponding work size 12inch 8inch 6inch 4inch - -
intensity 80mW/cm2 80mW/cm2 30mW/cm2 30mW/cm2 5mW/cm2 5mW/cm2
FPD QEF-1600 QEF-600 QEF-320
wavelength 172nm
Utility N2/Cooling water/AC100 ~ 240V
Uniformity ±10%
Aperture 70x1670mm 70x620mm 70x312mm
Corresponding work size G6 G3 -
intensity 180mW/cm2 180mW/cm2 100mW/cm2
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